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    Greetings Parents/Community Members,

    During the month of April, the Lake Preston staff will be assessing grades 3 through 8 and 11 to see your child’s progress in learning throughout the year with the Smarter Balanced Assessment provided by the South Dakota Department of Education. Please talk to your child about doing their best on the testing and making sure they understand the importance of the assessment. Going to bed early and eating a good breakfast will help your child throughout the testing sessions.

    If your child is eligible for the 2024-25 Kindergarten class, please register your child by calling Tersia Warne at the Lake Preston School at 847-4464. Please spread the word to area families and friends that are interested in attending the Lake Preston School.

    Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for March 21st from 2:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with staff receiving a meal from 5:00-5:30 p.m. Teachers will be communicating with you on scheduling time slots to discuss your child’s progress, behavior, and academic growth. 

    During inclement weather or in emergency situations, our first priority is the safety and welfare of our students and staff.  At the same time, the closing of school can be burdensome to families due to childcare and work schedules.  We place a strong emphasis on keeping our schools open if possible. Please continue to be flexible with our current school year weather and work with the school and classroom teachers to continue educating your child(ren) to the best of our abilities. Families living in the country, please communicate with the appropriate folks in charge of clearing snow out of your personal driveway, township road, or county road. Please also call your bus driver as you deem it necessary to warrant the safety of all the children on the bus for your route. 

    As the Elementary Principal, I have witnessed great teaching by our current staff members and aides. If you feel the same, please tell your child’s teacher or send them an email so we can thank them for their efforts. We often take for granted the opportunity our children have within our school with great teachers that show up every day. An email or call may not seem like much, but it can brighten anyone’s day.

    Best of luck to our athletes and coaches during the upcoming Spring Season!

    Go Sharks!

    Mr. Dana Felderman
    Elementary Principal

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    Being dependable, making good choices, and taking accountability for your actions.

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