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  • Greetings Parents/Community Members,

    The month of November was busy as usual but the students and teachers are doing great. Midterm grades are due November 21st. Please make sure you communicate with your child about their grades and congratulate them on their efforts. Teachers are always available if you have any concerns or questions. Students bring home folders each night that have graded assignments and class/teacher/school information. Ask your child about their day, what they learned at school, and continue to read each night before bed.

    As the winter sports season starts up for Lake Preston student-athletes, please make sure your child is conducting themselves in a positive manner during our home and away contests. If elementary/middle school students are coming to watch the athletic events, they should sit in the bleachers and behave appropriately. Students will receive a warning from administration and if their parents are not in attendance, they will be asked to leave the contest if the behavior or issues continue. Please refer to the handbook regarding student conduct.

    As the holiday season approaches rather quickly, this time of the year brings enjoyment to kids of all ages.  Enjoy these special times with family. Please stay updated with any changes that may occur over holiday breaks via the school website, school Facebook page, and parent list serv.

    Have a safe, healthy, and happy holidays!

    Best of luck to our athletes and coaches during the upcoming winter seasons!

    Merry Christmas!

    Mr. Dana Felderman,
    Superintendent/Elem. Principal


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    Thankful is being happy that something has happened or not happened, or that something or someone exists; Expressing gratitude and relief.

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