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  • Greetings Parents/Community Members,

    After our January board meeting, the Lake Preston Board of Education members determined that:

    We will make up school on:

    1. Monday, January 16th
    2. Friday, March 10th
    3. Friday, March 24th (2:00 dismissal w/conferences time available from 2:00-3:30)
      1. Thursday, March 23rd is a 2:00 dismissal w/conference time from 2:00-4:00
    4. Monday, May 22nd
    5. Tuesday, May 23rd
    6. Wednesday, May 24th

    Also, in the motion—we will make up school on Monday, February 20th if we have another snow day before February 10th.  Make up school on Friday, March 17th if we have another snow day before March 10th.  Make up school on Easter Monday, April 10th if we have another snow day before March 31st. With that being said, we will do our best with our daily bus routes.  Please do what you can to clean out your roads and driveways so we can pick up your kids.  Our bus drivers do the best they can and will make calls ahead of time for adjustments to schedules or pick-up procedures.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

    The best advice I can provide is to be prepared and make sure your kids are prepared for colder weather and transportation.  Make sure you communicate your plans when your children should be home, especially on nights we have activities.  If your child will be attending an event after school, plan how your child will be getting home after the bus arrives at the school. My main concern is the 6th, 7th and 8th graders that do not drive; please have a plan in place and a home for them to wait for you to pick them up. Plan and prepare for a possible bad weather day.

    Reminder to parents and students, I will be utilizing KELO, DakotaNews, and our School Messenger system for winter announcements. We also have our school Facebook page that we use often with school related changes, decisions, or events.  If you would like to change your contact information or be added/omitted from our School Messenger system, please contact Kristi Odegaard at Kristi.Odegaard@k12.sd.us.

    The end of January and the first part of February are great months to track the legislative issues being debated in Pierre.  I have been mainly focused on the bills that would impact schools. Education is a big discussion item throughout the legislative session in Pierre.  

    If your child is eligible for the 2023-24 Kindergarten class, please register your child by calling Tersia Warne at the Lake Preston School at 847-4464. Please spread the word to area families and friends that are interested in attending the Lake Preston School.

    Best of luck to our athletes and coaches during the upcoming winter seasons!

    Go Sharks! Go Knights!

    Mr. Dana Felderman,
    Superintendent/Elem. Principal


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